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8 sample lessons from 7 of our various classes. Each lesson samples a different class or level so you can get a taste of what our complete class experience is like.


• 8 sample lessons from 7 of our various classes
• Access to our mentors during the week through online support
• Have fun interacting with other students experiencing the same lessons
• 3 Intro to Animation lessons (levels one, two, and three)
• 2 Animation Production Fundamentals lessons
• 1 recording from a Voiceover Acting session
• 1 recording from one of our Live Question & Answer sessions
• 1 lesson from our Mastering Animation class

We believe that your student is going to love these classes, as many other students have! If after purchasing this sampler, you would like to upgrade to one of our complete classes, our team will provide you with a coupon code that will deduct the full amount that you paid for this sampler when you enroll in one of our other classes. We want you to get your full value out of this experience 😀


“This class exceeded my expectations. I loved learning how to animate digitally and working on the assignments. It was awesome to have the opportunity to learn with other artists and ask questions if we needed to.” – Kim (5th grade student)

EXAMPLES OF STUDENT WORK: Video of student work from previous Intro to Animation classes for levels one and two:

To see more examples of work from our students as a result of what we teach in this class, please visit our blog page here.

Check out what this student said about her experience in our class:



This class teaches an important practical balance between working digitally and working with natural media. Students will need the following:

1) Blank paper (a sketchbook is recommended), pencils, sharpener, and an eraser.

2) ONE of the following digital devices to draw and animate with:
A – Windows or Mac desktop or laptop computer with a basic drawing tablet: I recommend the Wacom Intuos S drawing tablet
B – Touch screen Chromebook with a drawing stylus
C – iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil
D – iOS or Android touchscreen device (older iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, smart phone, or Kindle Fire) with a drawing stylus: We recommend the Adonit Pro drawing stylus available on their website for $30. Also, right now the Adonit Pro 3 is available on clearance for $18

3) The following apps installed:
Rough Animator app ($7)

To participate in this program, the student and the parent/legal guardian are entering into the following contractual agreement

(after your payment has been received, we will send you a form for you to submit info about your student, and we will send you info for your student to access everything included with this class sampler)

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