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Student Project in Process

Today I want to feature the work of my student, Moss Parry. Over the course of this past semester, our students have been going step by step through the creative process of conceptualizing an idea and then turning it into 2D hand drawn animation. In this video you can see
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Preparing a Character Design to be Animated

This character, designed by one of our students (Dingofast), was originally drawn and colored on paper. First, I took a photo of her drawing and imported it into Toon Boom Harmony. Then, I traced her character design to create a digital version of her work. Next I will rig this
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Concept In Process

Again and again I have directed my students to begin with thumbnail sketches so they can move quickly through the creative process and easily make changes on the fly. Some I have driven crazy with my insistence about working this way. Here I am following this same piece of advice
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