Video of student work from previous classes:


• CREATE digital cartoons
• DESIGN and VOICE original characters
• WRITE original scripts
• COLLABORATE with other students
• BUILD a creative career that you love


• Weekly classes
• Contribute to student projects as an animator, character designer, background artist, script writer, or voice actor
• Participate in live online voiceover performance sessions
• Interact with other students in our online community
• Get support during the week when needed

Video of more student work from previous classes:


When I was in my 20s, I continued to dream of a place where I could grow in the art and creative expressions that were inside of me. I loved movies, cartoons, Hollywood and artistic media. I loved to draw and experiment with cartoon animation. I wanted someone to show me how I could get really good at it. I wanted a community I could be a part of that would affirm and encourage who I am as a creative person. The problem was that none existed that was either affordable or accessible to me. Eventually, I enrolled in an expensive art school that failed to provide any lasting community to support me on my journey.

Today, creative young adults are experiencing that same frustration. Industry standard art schools are far away and cost prohibitive. Online training provides no real sense of a community that we can truly belong to. This is why I have created the Animation Production College-Age and Young Adult Mentorship.

This is a place where students who love animation, digital media, or pop-culture art can grow in the skills and expressions that they dream of mastering. Students in this program have told me that not only do they love what they learn in these classes, but also that they love to come because it is a safe place from the stresses and pressures of life, and that it provides a peaceful atmosphere where they can relax and enjoy their creative gifts, and enjoy the company of others who share that same passion. They tell me it’s the best 90 minutes of their week!

Artists need mentors and friends who share their passion and will walk with them as they pursue their creative passions. We invite you to register below and join us for this purpose.

Nathan Fisher
Animation Mentorship Teacher


Tuesdays, 4:00pm – 5:30pm
June 8th – July 13th, 2021
6 classes

Cottonwood Center for the Arts
427 E Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80903


• TUESDAYS Weekly In-Person Class
Learn about the animation production process and the different skills that work together to make an animated story come to life: character design, scriptwriting, storyboarding, animation, gesture drawing, and more. Receive guidance on how to build a creative career from an experienced mentor who has worked and made a living in the arts for 25 years.

• FRIDAYS Intro to Animation Online Live Class:
Three Classes: Hands on, step-by-step animation training for beginning animators. All students qualify for Intro to Animation Level One. Levels 2-5 will also be available to students who have completed the requirements. Class will be recorded for students who cannot attend live.
*time specific to level one class

• SATURDAYS Online Voiceover Recording Sessions:
9:30-11:00 AM
Three: sessions: Join other students and perform character roles together in a live recording session.

• DAILY Online Community Interaction and Support
Connect with other students, build friendships, and work together on projects. Receive help and support any day of the week through our safe, private online community.


$150 per student

student art by Bailee G (Taro)


To learn animation at the college level, tuition expenses tend to range between $600 for a six week class up to $43,000 per year or more. But this animation class will only cost you $79 per month. Very inexpensive in comparison! It’s a great place to start learning and applying these skills while you are saving up to attend an expensive art school.

student art by Rachel K.
student art by Yaidys F.


“I loved the knowledge of the animation programs that I learned. A huge benefit was the community feel. It’s a wonderful place to come and explore your passion, or just laugh with some new friends. This class was much better than online videos that have no structure or new material. It was a wonderful experience. I wish I had more time to explain how much I admire this class. It perfectly combines a friendly environment, allowing everyone to learn at their own pace and enough challenge to keep me engaged.”
– S.H.

“I learned how to make my drawings more loose and alive. I liked how I got to interact with others in this course. All I ask is that we get to do this more often during the week. Compared to other classes I have taken, I got to get more in touch with my character design and improve on it. I loved this class and the people involved. I’m so happy I joined and cannot wait for next semester. My passion to draw has increase 100 times!”
– A.H.

“The class experience was awesome!!! Before this class I used to lock myself in my room and try to learn off the internet. This class is better!! I got to work with cool people and I love the method of art teaching.”
– M.S.

“This class exceeded my expectations. I only wish it was longer and more often. It’s great to be able to come together with other artists and see their different styles. I loved this class and am excited to come back for the next one!”
– E.P.

“My art really improved. This class was much higher in quality than all the other art classes I have taken before. I love that it is a space where I am free to explore the subjects and styles that I am interested in drawing. This class was worth every penny. I made good friends and good art. The lessons were good and I am learning to animate.”
– H.H.

“Coming to this class was better than Udemy’s drawing class.”
– J.O.


The following roles DO NOT REQUIRE ownership of any tech, computer, or equipment: CHARACTER DESIGNER, BACKGROUND ARTIST, VOICEOVER ACTOR, or SCRIPTWRITER**. It is possible to learn and accomplish a lot in this class using nothing more than a pencil and paper. However, if your student does have a Windows or Mac laptop computer, iPad, or Android Tablet available, we encourage them to bring those items with them to class.

FOR CHARACTER DESIGNERS and BACKGROUND ARTISTS who do have a computer, tablet, or other electronic device available to them, we recommend:
1) Installing the FREE version of Autodesk Sketchbook on their computer, iPad, Android Tablet and even their iPhone or Android Smartphone.
2) Owning a Wacom Drawing Tablet to use with their Windows or Mac computer – OR – a drawing stylus to use with their tablet, phone, or mobile device:
• For laptop or desktop computers (Windows or Mac): there is no better option than a Wacom Drawing Tablet – Click here for info. You can find a good one on Amazon for approx $75 to $100. We recommend the Wacom Intuos S which is a good, affordable tablet to start with.
• For iPad Pro: we recommend the Apple Pencil drawing stylus. Apple Pencil ONLY works with the iPad Pro.
• For all other touchscreen devices: including iPad, Android Tablet, Android Smartphone, iPhone, or a touchscreen Chromebook, we recommend the Adonit Pro drawing stylus. Also, the Adonit Mini 3 was recently on sale and may still be available on clearance for $12

**FOR THE ANIMATOR ROLE ONLY (most recommended setup):
to participate in the animator role, it is highly recommended that your student have access to, or invest in the following four items:
1) A desktop or laptop computer (Windows or Mac) at home that they can practice with. It is best if they have a laptop they can bring to class, but at bare minimum they need access to a computer at home. We recommend a minimum of 8MB RAM for the apps to work well. Chromebooks are NOT capable of running the standard animation software application that we use in this class, so the computer must be Windows or Mac.
2) Their own subscription to the standard animation software we will be using. This software will ONLY work on a Windows or Mac computer, not on other electronic devices.
3) Their own Wacom drawing tablet to use at home and/or in class with their computer. Click here for info. You can find a good one on Amazon for approx $75 to $100. We recommend the Wacom Intuos S.
4) Installing the FREE version of Autodesk Sketchbook on their computer.

If students are not in a position to afford access to a Windows or Mac computer, it is still possible to learn and practice the principles of animation in this class with other digital devices: Apple iOS (iPad or iPhone), Android (tablet, phone, or Kindle Fire), or a touchscreen Chromebook. For this option to work, you will need the following:
1) Drawing stylus such as Adonit Pro for all touch screen devices or Apple Pencil for iPad Pro
2) Rough Animator app ($5)
3) Autodesk Sketchbook app (free)

• NO refunds will be available for missed classes or for classes already attended.
• NO makeups will be available for missed classes, but each ONLINE class session will have a recorded replay video available.
• Some ON-SITE class sessions will NOT have replay videos available. If the same lesson was taught in one of the online classes, the replay for that class will be made available to ON-SITE students.

student art by Kathrine P.
student art by @Shishirisu
student art by Dash M.
student art by Sterling H.


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Payments for IN-PERSON classes will be handled by The Cottonwood Center For The Arts. Select the option you are registering for:



“This class was a good experience. I was happy with the pace I was learning. My anatomy drawing has gotten better. I liked having a place to work on art with friends and get feedback from other artists.”
– A.A.

“This class made me better at drawing in the style I want to draw in. I loved drawing with cool people. I felt challenged and made good progress in my skill development. I liked that it did not feel like an art class at my school. I was not forced into a box and was not restricted to an academic curriculum. I was given the freedom to pursue my passion, creative interests, and artistic style. I was able to accomplish a lot and work with some really great people.”
– K.D.

“I have improved a lot in character design and animation. I am learning so much from this class and I love it!”
– K.H.

“I loved how this class created a positive space for me to draw, create, and work on projects that I am interested in and excited to do. I enjoyed designing concepts and characters. I also learned how to develop a character properly.”
– C.O.

“The best parts of this class for me were character and story creating and also ‘real-life’ collaborating with teammates on an animation. I also loved your teaching!”
– R.R..

“I was grateful for the community, help, and support of everyone here. Thank you for so many character design and animation tips.”
– M.B.

“Thanks a lot for having me in this class! I’ve really enjoyed it. I loved learning how to use the drawing and animation software that you taught us here.”
– R.M.

“I liked learning how to use the drawing and animation software. These tools will be really helpful. I also liked the class environment and being able to advance so much in animation. Thank you for the help and for everything. I am so thankful for this class.”
– A.N.

“I really enjoyed animating in this class! I was able to work among friends rather than alone at home. I also enjoy being able to share my work and receive feedback! (Cuz I can’t at home that much).”
– A.A.

“I love the people in this class, and doing comedic scripts. I also liked performing voiceovers with my classmates.”
– K.F.

“What I really like about this class is that it doesn’t stress me out like the rest of my life does. Instead it provides a peaceful place where I can enjoy my creativity and take a break from the stresses and pressures that I face at home and school. This also makes it so easy to learn something every time I come. Thank you, Mr. Fisher!”
– O.R.

“My favorite things about this class are the work environment, the live character design lessons, the friends I made, the different art techniques/styles, and my teacher!”
– G.N.


We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about this class or about the Animation Group After School Program. Please contact us by email or phone:

EMAIL: submit a question on our contact page
PHONE: 719.357.7780

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