Wacom Digital Drawing Tablet

Drawing with a mouse or trackpad on a computer can feel very clumsy and frustrating. To solve this issue, I recommend purchasing a Wacom Digital Drawing Tablet and using it when you are drawing with your computer. This will allow you to have an experience similar to drawing with a pencil or paintbrush when creating art with a computer.

Wacom is the industry standard for drawing tablets. My first Wacom tablet cost me $99 and lasted me ten years before I replaced it with an upgraded version. Learn more about Wacom drawing tablets here.

Here is a good Wacom starter drawing tablet that I found on AmazonI also recommend the Wacom Intuos S from Wacom’s webstore.

This product should be compatible with most Windows or Mac computers that have been released in the past five years. But please check the product specs first before purchasing to make sure it is compatible with your specific computer hardware and operating system version.